TechUP and PowerUP are not taking new registrations at this time.

Over 200 applicants have either received payment or are pending payment while 700 more are in the process of their digital adaptation plan. Once these have been finalized DMI will be able to determine the fund status. Periodic updates will be posted on this site.

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Upgrade your assets
with up to $5,000

The world is going digital, which means that our ways of communicating, understanding and engaging with each other are too. In many ways, businesses need to rebuild the foundation of their business model, practices, and strategies in order to keep up with these massive cultural shifts. Digital adaptation often requires investing in new technology and data-based systems, but it also requires expanding your knowledge of the digital and social marketing strategies these new devices, systems and applications entail. So, with the support of the Province of Manitoba, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce wants to alleviate the obstacles that are preventing you from upgrading your digital assets, whether they are technical, technological or strategic in nature.

In addition, in recognition of efforts already undertaken by local business owners for their recent modernization efforts, digital investments already made since April 1, 2021 may qualify for reimbursement with the submission of receipts.

What kind of projects
does TechUP support?

TechUP is a reimbursement fund for digital purchases made for up to $5,000 to update your business. The paid receipts are the documents you will need to upload to your portal. Proof of digital-centric investments made since April 1, 2021 or within your 30 day window post approval, should be uploaded via your application portal. Note that uploads can be done at anytime but wait to submit all receipts at once.

When you do submit, a drop-down menu will ask you to indicate what type of purchases you made and another will ask you what business function they serve.

It is up to your discretion as to what purchases are appropriate for your business but know that these are meant to make digital changes to your capacity, they are not designed to subsidize your existing business expenses (ie. phone bill, internet bill, regularly occurring license or hosting fees, franchise fees, multi-year subscriptions, etc.) Any receipts submitted for ineligible expenses will be denied.

For example,
you can use this grant for investing in...

Products, Including:




Licensing Fees

Social Advertising

Services, such as:

IT Professional/Consulting Services and Support

Website Development

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

Software Development

Training/Professional Development

Assessments & Audits

These funds are meant to incentivize you into taking the plunge and revitalizing your business in a new way. Projects should be immediately actionable and funds must be used within 30 days of your application approval. TechUP grants can also be used to reimburse you for any digital-centric investments of up to $5,000 that you’ve made since April 1, 2021.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce supports you and your business in it’s digital transition. So, if you apply for TechUP and find that you require more funding than the maximum grant budget of $5,000, you may apply to PowerUP for a maximum of $25,000 with a new application.

Register for TechUP today, and invest in the digital, technical and educational building blocks that are essential for future-proofing your business. Upon account approval, you’ll be invited to apply for TechUP and grants will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Your first step to the
next level

Maximize Your Impact
with Up to $25,000

With PowerUP, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce works to jumpstart the evolution of your business by investing up to $25,000 in capacity-building digital initiatives. If you are considering projects or upgrades and are ready to act now, the Digital Manitoba Initiative will consider plans that can be implemented within 90 days from the date of approval. Use these funds to support digital adaptations that enhance your ability to create, modify or optimize existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet shifting customer, business and market requirements.

Digital-first businesses use data and technology to create new value in their business models, processes and strategies which enhance their financial and operational efficiency as well as customer experiences and retention. By taking advantage of these opportunities to evolve, businesses can create more meaningful relationships, strengthen their competitive advantage in the modern economy, and maximize their profitability.

How to apply
for PowerUP

To apply for PowerUP, you must provide a Business Case Brief detailing:

  1. Description of the technology challenge you wish to address
  2. Proposed project duration
  3. Proposed objectives
  4. Scope of proposed work
  5. Budget
  6. Expected impact of investment in the project

All supporting documentation should be submitted on a rolling basis as the project progresses. Think of your Business Case Brief as your opportunity to let us know why and what resources you need to evolve your business models, processes and operations. If you are requesting a reimbursement of past investments through either program, you will need to provide your rationale and dated proof of purchase.

Successful applications will consist of detailed project proposals geared towards digitally adapting your business that can be completed within 90 days of application approval. Digital adaptation is the process of using digital technologies to create, modify or optimize existing processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet shifting market demands. Digitally literate businesses use data and technology to create value in their business models, processes and customer relationships. Projects that are eligible for the PowerUp program should be limited to a 90 day timeframe and serve to maximize profitability by optimizing your business’s operations, process or strategies with the latest digital technology, tools and systems.

What Types of Projects
Will PowerUP Support?

Successful applications to PowerUP
may include (but are not limited to)
the following elements:


Process transformation entails modifying the elements of a business’s processes in order to achieve new goals. This may look like…

  • Advancing marketing software and data-gathering capabilities to gain more valuable customer insights and greater personalization in digital experiences.
  • Developing branded digital platforms, products and services that meet the needs or adds value to the lives of their customers, known as “digital assets”.

Business Model

Established brands should look to models that offer services that wouldn’t be possible without new technology. Examples of new business models may include…

  • Investing in new Intellectual Property and patents to evolve your current product offerings, services and processes. PowerUP funding may be used to offset any legal or licensing fees incurred in your acquisition of Intellectual Property rights.
  • Rebuilding services to be digital-first, like creating branded apps or upgrading POS systems to touchless systems.


Using technology to redesign operational systems can have a massive impact on a business’s capacity to provide better customer experiences. For example, projects may involve (but are not limited to)…

  • Automating processes through better software or hardware capabilities that reduce labour, paperwork and redundancies.
  • Making increasingly strategic decisions by investing in data collection and analytical tools, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software.

By offering this incentive, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce aims to help your business adapt and evolve. Why? Because we know that supporting local businesses is the best way to ensure the future success of our community as a whole.