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Thank you for your interest in DMI

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce will continue to advocate for digital adaptation incentives for local businesses. Please follow us on social channels for news and updates.

TechUP and PowerUP grant programs are fully subscribed and closed.

Digital Manitoba Initiative will continue to work with applicants on open files only.

For those with pending applications, we appreciate your patience. Each file gets careful consideration and that takes time. DMI will contact you at each phase of the process.


1,590 Applications
Over $2,945,000 paid to date
1,040 Applicants

Within the process of investing in their digital adaptation

610 Applications
Over $4,675,000 paid to date
390 Applicants

Within the process of working on digital adaptation projects

Company Size


were small and medium sized companies between 0-24 employees

0-5 61%
6-24 25%
25-49 6%
50-74 2%
75-99 1%
100-199 3%
200+ 2%


24% Female
5% Indigenous
3% Newcomer
2% Francophone
1% Persons with Disabilities
Not Declared
*Note: question was optional & not answered by all participants

The year ahead...

Applicants are looking to grow in the next 12 months:

52% of businesses indicated that they are looking to hire new staff

46% of businesses indicated that they are looking to start selling products and/or services online

40% of businesses indicated that they are looking to expand and/or improve their tech infrastructure

Businesses are from across industries...

10% Retail/wholesale trade
9% Arts, entertainment & recreation
6% Not for profit
5% Health care & social assistance / Transportation & warehousing / Construction / Manufacturing
3% Professional, scientific & technical services
3% Agriculture / Educational services / Finance and insurance

Funds from TechUP applicants are predominantly being
used in 4 main areas of business:

35% Modernizing
26% Digital
24% Improving
11% Improving


“TechUP let us upgrade our motion-capture hardware earlier than planned, speeding up a few key projects. And, by investing in our hardware now, we were able to save on animation and allocate that budget to other needs. A little investment in the right tech makes a big difference.”
Flightyfelon Games
“TechUP helped us bring the vision we had for our business to life. We serve families all over Manitoba, both in-person and digitally. This grant helped us build our website and make our services more accessible, anywhere in the province. Now, we can help families in remote areas who might not otherwise be able to get the support they need.”
Sandbox Speech Therapy
“PowerUP helped me streamline my customers’ journeys and save valuable time, freeing me up to focus on scaling my business. It enabled me to quickly develop my website and online portals, cutting down on paperwork while enhancing my firm’s presentation. This grant is your opportunity to automate key processes and run a more efficient, profitable operation.”
The Mint Marketing Experience
“PowerUP enabled us to digitize several strategic functions and consolidate them into a single dashboard, improving our customer service by leaps and bounds. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate analysis with speed, and this grant tremendously accelerated the speed portion. We’ve gotten very positive feedback.”
RKH Restructuring and Business Advisory Services